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What’s In Store For State-to-State Car Shipping?

Moving a car across state lines can be difficult if you own multiple vehicles or don’t have any help. And there are a number of good reasons to consider shipping a car state to state.

Whether you’re moving and need to use your driving time to navigate the moving truck or you just bought a new automobile for your collection from an out-of-state dealer, it might be difficult to arrange an interstate car transfer. It’s not always easy to get your hands on the right tools or drivers for this job when you need them the most.

If you need to move a car over state lines, you have numerous options. Whether you’re moving across the country or just across the state, Autostar Transport is ready to help with your automobile shipping needs. Budget, time constraints, weather, and the number of workers you will need are just a few of the factors to consider while figuring out the best way to export an automobile from one state to another.

Step-by-step instructions and examples are provided below to help you visualize prospective outcomes and appreciate the mutual benefits of working with a trustworthy transportation service.

How to Ship a Car from One State to Another

Even though you don’t want to, you need to figure out how you’re going to get your car from State A to State B. Which options are most likely to satisfy your needs while causing you the least amount of trouble?

Personalize It

Depending on its final destination, driving the vehicle from state to state may be the most convenient and cost-effective alternative. Depending on how many states are between your starting and ending points, the only real costs will be gas and time.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to drive your own vehicle if you have to drive the moving truck and no one else is available to do so. Another key component is time. If you live on the East Coast, driving through two or three states might just take you a few hours. But whether you’re traveling from the East Coast to the West Coast or the Atlantic to the Pacific, you can add days to your trip.

If you drive nonstop the entire way, crossing the country from coast to coast will take you about four days. That timeframe isn’t safe without someone to help you drive in shifts, so if you’re traveling alone, give yourself plenty of time to recover and plan on anything from five to seven days. Even if you’re only moving half as far, you’re still looking at three or four days. If you hire a moving company to transport your things from one state to another and you decide to drive your car instead, you will need to coordinate your arrival with the moving company’s schedule.

Caravaning with a companion or family member ensures that you will both get where you’re going around the same time. But if you have more than one vehicle, this is obviously impractical. If you’re planning on driving your automobile across many states, you’d better have everything lined up and plenty of time on your hands.

Making Use of a Tow Dolly to Move Your Vehicle

This course of action may be easier to implement and require fewer outside resources to succeed. However, you should be confident in your knowledge of the intricacies involved in towing something behind a sizable vehicle. This includes becoming comfortable with hooking it up and taking it apart, as well as driving safely on the interstate. Keep this in mind at all times because you won’t be able to pull into any old parking space simply. You will have less freedom of movement and fewer opportunities for access.

Hiring a Driver to Take the Wheel

Allowing a trusted family member or friend to use your vehicle necessitates a high level of confidence, and may need making changes to your insurance coverage. You’ll be on the hook for getting them back home as well as anything else they may need while they’re there.

Professional driving services offer one-man transportation, in which an experienced driver travels to your location to move your vehicle. But how safe do you feel giving a total stranger a lengthy time in your car? The high cost of these services is a direct result of the many factors involved: the driver needs to be compensated for their time, expenditures, gas, and, of course, a one-way plane ticket back home.

In certain contexts, each option is reasonable. However, there is one strategy that works well for any length of travel and gives you a number of options to meet your schedule and cost limits.

Sending a Car from One State to Another Using a Professional Transport Service

When moving from one state to another, it may be wise to have your car sent by a reputable carrier service. Most companies provide several shipping options, including open-air auto travel. These are the massive trailers you may have seen on the highway, typically carrying 10 cars at a time for car dealerships.

Your vehicle will be safely transported in a covered trailer using this service. This will help protect the body and paint from road dangers like rocks and severe weather.

A flatbed is essentially a large tow truck; your car is winched onto the bed of a large diesel truck, where it rests level. For shorter distances, this strategy may be optimal.

Preparing for Transportation

Preparing for a carrier service is simple: phone the company, get a quote, set up a time and place for pickup and delivery, and make your car ready. Get out of the car and turn off any gadgets or alarms that are permanently installed. You can have the carrier come pick up your automobile from your door and deliver it to your new address, or you can have it held at a terminal if you think you’ll need extra time.

Contact AutoStar Transport Today

Finding a reputable company with plenty of experience will make interstate auto transport a breeze. Autostar Transport’s over two decades of experience mean they can accommodate almost any shipment deadline or circumstance. If you want to export your car across states, click here to get a free quote today.

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