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Tips for choosing the Best Anchor Winch

Electric boat anchor winch technology has become quite advanced in today’s time. This has not only made boating easier but also ensures you no longer need to hurt your back while pulling up your anchor and chain. Though, every boat owner has their own reasons to install the right type of anchor winch, one of the main reasons is to reduce the possibility of falling overboard. It even allows changing the position of your boat several times on a fishing trip as well as helping you to leave in a hurry if needed.

For big boats carrying heavy anchors which are impossible to retrieve using hands, an anchor winch is an absolute necessity. Smaller boat skippers have a choice either to lift the anchor themselves or allow an anchor winch to do all the heavy lifting.

But, to get the best benefits of an anchor winch, you need to choose the right one and buy from a reputable supplier like Nautek Marine in Melbourne. It is a one-stop destination for world-class anchor winch services as well. Apart from offering a wide range of high-quality anchor winches all across Australia, they also provide professional anchor winch installation too.

The ability of an anchor winch to hold properly will depend upon the shape and size of the anchor, the weight of the chain on an anchor, and the composition of the seabed material as well. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have the right anchor for your boat’s length before you look at a winch.

Here are some valuable tips to consider when choosing the right anchor winch:

  • Length & weight of the boat

It is important to know the length and weight of your boat, in order to calculate:

  • The weight and size of the anchor you need to anchor your boat safely, (along with the water depth you would be operating in, so you must know to calculate:
  • The length and size of chain and rope (also known as anchor rope needed to anchor your boat safely. The average size is 3:1 rope + chain length to water depth. For example, 10m of water needs around 30m of rope and chain to be paid out for your anchor winch for holding securely.
  • The required working load of the anchor winch. It is the capacity for lifting the full length of chain and rope, plus the anchor winch if all is completely suspended off the ocean or sea floor.

Three types of anchor winches:

  • Windlass anchor winch
  • Capstan anchor winch
  • Drum anchor winch

It is also essential in all instances to have a proper swivel between the chain and the anchor. If you don’t have this, when you retrieve the anchor, it can spin and also tie the rope in knots. This would mean it cannot pass through the anchor winch.

If you are looking to buy an affordable marine anchor winch Australia-wide, as well as its installation, contact Nautek Marine today. They work on a wide range of models and best anchor winch brands to make sure that all their customers get an effective solution for their boating style and hull needs.

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