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Removing Ceramic Coating To Apply Fresh Layer Of Coating

Ceramic coatings are considered one of the most effective ways to preserve car paint. These highly resilient coatings offer excellent protection for the car’s surface. Though clearly not lifetime-lasting, multiple companies claim that these coatings survive more than a year. When the ceramic coatings reach the limit of their useful life, they have to be removed to prepare the vehicle’s surface for the next application of the coating. If you want to ceramic coat your vehicle, contact Esthetique Pro Solution

How to remove previous ceramic coating to apply a new layer

The old ceramic coating must be removed from the car before putting a fresh one. It can also cause surface damage to the car if the old ceramic coating is not removed appropriately, making it harder for the new layer to appear clean and neat. You must be very cautious and use appropriate tools and supplies to remove the old ceramic coating from the car.

The methods below can eliminate your car’s old ceramic coating layer in preparation for a new coating. Now let’s explore them:

  • Chemical removal

Ceramic coatings offer outstanding resistance to chemicals for the majority of chemicals, but their interaction with alkaline compounds is weaker. Many individuals remove the ceramic covering layer with alkaline products. It is essential to remember that alkaline substances are strong and can harm the paint beneath if not treated correctly.

  • Combining clay with other products

Clay alone is not enough to remove the hard ceramic coating of the vehicle, but it is helpful when combined with other products. When the ceramic layer gets worn out or old, it is easier to remove it from the exterior using a mixture of clay and iron dust remover. A grinder polisher can also buff and wax the surface to remove the coating. 

  • Using polish

According to many experts, polishing is the most trustworthy & effective method for removing the car’s damaged ceramic coating layer. Preparing the car’s surface for an additional coat of ceramic coating can also be significantly simplified by polishing. It smooths out some of the car’s paint defects so that the next coat can be quickly done. Sometimes, the greasy materials stay on the car’s exterior no matter how much water is used to clean it. A degreasing agent & brake dust remover are recommended to clean the paint surface.

The techniques mentioned above will help you get your car’s paint ready for the next layer of protective protection. 

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