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Motorcycle Crash Bars: What are They and Are They Worth the Investment?

With numerous industries starting to require most of their employees to go back to normal, it became vital for many individuals to purchase their vehicles. While some choose to invest in sedans or vans, countless people prefer purchasing motorcycle units. The global market sales of motorbikes have continually increased over the years mainly due to the convenience it gives the riders.

Owning a bike can help individuals go to their destinations faster, as motorcycles can weave through traffic with ease. It will also eliminate the hassle of riding public transportations, decreasing the chance of prolonged travel time for various reasons. Experts also report that riding motorbikes can help burn a significant amount of calories and significantly improve the mood of the riders.

However, with the growing number of bikes on the road also comes the increasing number of accidents involving motorcycles. This might be caused by driving too fast or losing balance when riding slow. It might also be due to a simple fall parked on an unstable surface. No matter the extent of the incident, riders will not have much choice but to spend tons of money for maintenance or replacements.

This is why countless people are constantly looking for products that can help protect the bike in case of an accident. And among motorcycle protection accessories available on the market, crash bars are something that will help preserve the motorbike by absorbing the impact of the fall.

The bars are often manufactured to fit the specific size of a bike and are directly installed into the motorcycle’s frame. The products are typically made with either a stainless-steel or mild steel and can be available in 22 or 27mm.

When installed, the bars will act as a barrier between the ground and the bike’s body, mitigating the risk of potential massive damage. Any crash will pose a significant blow to the vital parts of the bike. But crash bars, along with the handlebars and footpegs, will be able to keep the engine and the body from absorbing too much force from the ground. It will also be able to secure the fuel tank, which is considered a fire hazard when punctured.

It can also provide protection to the rider when an accident happens. It will prevent them from getting crushed by the motorcycle, especially if it is a big bike. Moreover, crash bars can make it easier for anyone to pick up the motorbike when it needs to be cleared from the road. And since the bars help protect both the rider and the bike from extensive damage, it will allow owners to save much money in the long run.

Because of the advantages of the crash bars for riders, it is essential to ensure the quality of each bar produced. From creating the prototype, welding, and powder coating, manufacturers see to it that the products will undergo a strict production process to give their patrons high-quality accessories for their motorcycles.

To learn more about motorcycle crash bars and if they are worth the investment, check this infographic by Motorrad Garage, a trusted SW Motech Crash Bars merchant.

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