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Everything You Need to Know About London Private Number Plates

London is one of the biggest and most exciting cities in the world, but you’re sure to agree that it can be just as tiring too. That’s why Londoners want to invest in luxury accessories that make life easier, and few things are as luxurious as private number plates for your car! Read on for everything you need to know about private number plates in London before you invest in this accessory!

Step 1 – Purchase Your Plate

CarReg London Private Number Plates provides a car registration service that offers customers from London access to some of Britain’s most sought-after plates. It was established as a way for people who work in or around ‘The Smoke’ and want a personalised plate on their vehicle, but don’t want it to cost them an arm and a leg. Each set of plates comes with 12 letters and up to 2 numbers, meaning you can create a plate that is truly unique.

Step 2 – Your Options

Buy, Lease or Rent? The most popular way for individuals and businesses to obtain a private number plate is by purchasing it outright. This option gives you complete control over your number plate. With some private plates now costing more than £100,000*, you will usually have to pay an upfront cost before collecting your new plates. Alternatively, if your car registration renewal date is coming up soon, you can choose a 5-year lease which gives you similar benefits as a purchase with a significantly lower initial outlay.

Step 3 – Looking After Your Plate

Remember that plate has now become your property, so it’s important you look after it. We advise that you have your number plates powder-coated every few years. This will ensure they don’t suffer from rust or corrosion and it’ll prolong their lifespan too. It is also a good idea to keep them wrapped when not on display. Doing these things will mean your plates stay looking fantastic for many years. And remember, all of our plates come with a ten-year guarantee!

Step 4 – Road Taxes and Insurance

In order to drive a car in England, you’ll need road tax, insurance and your own personalised number plate. One of these can be removed from your list depending on which kind of vehicle you intend on driving. If you plan on driving an old banger that is less than 10 years old then road tax won’t be needed.

Bonus Tips & Advice

To avoid disappointment you need to have a good idea of what exactly you’re looking for. It’s important that you know where you can see examples of each registration number and learn how many vehicles carry them because it is relatively easy to see ‘snatched up’ registration numbers online before they become available.

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