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Benefits of Choosing the Roadside Assistance Cover in Your Car Insurance Plan

When you buy car insurance online, you can choose different add-on covers for greater protection. The roadside assistance cover is a popular add-on available with car insurance policies. The add-on cover will be extremely beneficial at the time your car breaks down in the middle of the road.

If you have roadside assistance cover with your vehicle insurance policy, a professional mechanic will come to your aid when your car breaks down in the middle of your journey. The benefits associated with roadside assistance coverage are as follows:

●     Electrical or Mechanical Breakdown

If your car stops working in the middle of the road or at home, the four-wheeler insurance provider will send a mechanic to the location of the breakdown. The mechanic can help with flat tyre replacement, battery jump-start, or other minor mechanical or electrical issues associated with the car. If you end up outside your car with the keys inside, the roadside assistance cover will also offer pickup and delivery of spare keys.

●     Towing

If your vehicle gets involved in an accident, the vehicle insurance provider will offer towing services. Your insurer will ensure that your car reaches an authorized service centre or a network garage without any hassle.

●     Alternate Vehicle

The four-wheeler insurance company might arrange for an alternative vehicle while the insured vehicle undergoes repair. The alternate vehicle facility is only offered for one specific destination.

●     Fuel Delivery

If the insured vehicle runs out of fuel, the insurance company will arrange for up to 5 litres of fuel to be delivered to it. But your insurer might set a limit regarding how many times you can enjoy this service during a policy term.

●     Medical Coordination

After the immobilization of the vehicle, the car owner might be in need of medical attention. The vehicle insurance provider will arrange for medical assistance. But the policyholder will be responsible for paying the medical bills.

●     Hotel Stay

If necessary, the four-wheeler insurance provider will arrange for the policyholder’s stay close to the location where the insured vehicle is being repaired. But the policyholder usually needs to bear the cost of accommodation.

●     Urgent Message Relay

The roadside assistance car insurance add-on cover can also help with conveying urgent messages to family members. When your car breaks down, the insurance company can help relay urgent messages to the policyholder through conference calls.

●     Delivery of Repaired Car

When you have roadside assistance car insurance cover, the insurance company might deliver the repaired vehicle to the residence of the policyholder. But the facility is usually available when the policyholder is on tour.

What Does Roadside Assistance Cover Not Include?

When you buy car insurance online, you can also raise a roadside assistance claim online. But your claim will be rejected under the following conditions:

  • When the insured car was used for racing or other illegal activities
  • When the vehicle was not driven according to its manual
  • When the vehicle was reaped without the permission of the insurer
  • When the driver is found drunk
  • When the policyholder goes to the nearest garage without the assistance of the insurer
  • When the insured vehicle is driven without a driving license
  • When the roadside assistance claim has been raised a predetermined number of times according to the policy documents

When Should You Buy the Roadside Assistance Cover?

You should choose the roadside assistance cover while buying car insurance online after evaluating the following factors:

  • Age of the vehicle: You won’t need the roadside assistance cover if your car is new and in perfect condition. The cover might come from your car dealership free of cost for the first few years. But roadside assistance cover is more crucial when your car is old.
  • Frequency of use: You should opt for roadside assistance coverage if you use the vehicle to cover long distances.
  • Convenience: If you value the conveniences offered by the add-on cover, the roadside assistance cover would be perfect for you. The roadside assistance cover will help you save costs when you need assistance after your car suddenly breaks down on the road.

Final Thoughts

If your comprehensive car insurance policy does not cover roadside assistance, you should go for it separately. Remember that the roadside assistance cover is not mandatory, and buying it depends on your preferences.


Do I need roadside assistance cover for my new car?

Roadside assistance cover is more crucial for old cars. Moreover, you should go for it when you cover long distances in your car.

Will roadside assistance cover help me unlock my car?

If someone gets locked out of their cars, roadside assistance cover will help you get spare keys. In some cases, the insurance provider goes to your residence to get you the spare key.

Will the roadside assistance cover be beneficial when my car runs out of fuel?

If your car runs out of fuel in the middle of the road, the roadside assistance cover will come to your rescue. The insurance provider will arrange up to 5 litres of fuel for you.

Is roadside assistance available 24*7in India?

You can get 24*7 roadside assistance when you have this vehicle insurance coverage. Whether your car breaks down early in the morning or late at night, your insurer company will provide the required assistance.

Is roadside assistance coverage expensive?

The cost of roadside assistance add-on cover will vary from one insurer to another. But at times, roadside assistance is included within a comprehensive car insurance policy.

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